What To Look For To Choose The Best Golf GPS For You

It’s important to know exactly what you want in a Golf GPS unit before you make a decision. The following is designed to help you with exactly that.

1) Black and White or Color?

Some people want all the bells and whistles of a color golf GPS, which shows a layout of each golf hole, where others are fine with an easy substitute for looking around for a sprinkler head yardage.

The full color designs will often give many features like an “overhead fly-by” of each hole before you play it, adding customized target points, and keeping track of GIR, number of putts, score, and other fun features.

Choosing golf gps

The black and white designs are primarily best for just giving you a yardage and letting you look around to get a visual sense of what’s going on with the golf hole. These will often give yardages to hazards, and then front-middle-back yardages of the greens.

2) What Kind of Battery (Batteries)?

The types of batteries, whether disposable or rechargeable, the unit runs on should be a huge consideration in which golf GPS you ultimately end up choosing to purchase. You’ll often see lower reviews of a product because golfers didn’t realize they would have to feed a device 3 new batteries every single time they played golf!

3) Course Memory of the Golf GPS?

How many courses can be stored on the GPS at one time? Some units will only allow 10, 20, 50, etc courses to be stored on the device at one time. Keep this in mind. Are you a travelling golfer? Or do you want the GPS for your local few courses?

4) Mandatory Yearly Subscription or No? Pay Per Course Download? Pre-Loaded With Courses?

Many people are surprised to find out when they receive their golf GPS that the cost of owning it is not finished. Some systems require you to purchase a yearly subscription. If you don’t purchase the subscription, you can’t get access to the course data.

Other devices will charge you a fee per course download.

Some models come pre-loaded with access to thousands of courses.

The bottom line is, you want to be very aware of exactly what you’ll have to shell out once you get the GPS at home, and add that cost into the equation.

5) Scoring Options and Stats

Some devices will allow you to keep score of either yourself, or your entire foursome. Some units even come with a stats section where you can keep track of your GIR (Greens In Regulation), fairways hit, distance off the tee, putts, and even if you are hitting it right or left too much.

6) Mac Compatible?

This is another big consideration for Mac users out there. Many Golf GPS systems are NOT Mac compatible, so keep this in mind.

7) Pricing

Obviously this is a huge factor as well for the golfer. Their are many available options at many different price points.


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