Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 Review


Your computer performance can be slowed down after some times of usages. In some cases, it starts to experience various problems like freezing, crashing, and much more. Due to this reason, you might need to install certain tool which can help you to optimize the performance of your personal computer. A program which can be the best option is Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6. As basic information, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is security and optimization suite. The program comes with complete tools which you need to optimize the performance of your personal computer. The program is introduced as the replacement of IObit’s Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 which is also known as company’s comprehensive security and optimization suite.

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 Feature

Easy To Use

IObit understands well that maintaining personal computer can be complicated and intimidating. Due to this reason, they have built Advanced SystemCare Ultimate which is simple enough for any beginner but powerful enough for more advanced users. When you are setting the program in Simple Mode, the main window will display the current health of your PC. It also gives notifications which need any action. The program comes with big button which has the function to scan your system and maximize your personal computer without the need to deal with the settings. The process is very simple and any beginner can operate it easily.

Expert Mode

When you are setting the program on Expert mode, the users will have the option on detailed list of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 operation. There are some optimization options available in Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6. These are including Malware Removal, Vulnerability Fix, Disk Scan, Disk Defragment, System Optimization, Junk Files Clean, and much more. The users will have the ability to schedule the program to operate in the background. By using the feature, you do not need to remember to maintain your personal computer. The program is operating while you are using the computer normally. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is designed with many features which are working powerfully to maintain your computer.

Turbo Boost Mode

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is designed with Turbo Boost mode. You can set the program to maximize the computer performance for working or gaming. The users will be able to set to run the program at the start up so your personal computer is always ready for any task. The program offers many options which can be customized by the users to improve the performance of your personal computer.

The program also comes with handy widget. The widget will display CPU and RAM usage. It is designed with arrow which you can click to expand the widget. The users are able to see the health of their personal computer in the widget. It is including options to scan, clear up RAM, or shut down the computer. The widget is working perfectly to monitor the system resources and perform other tasks with the program.

Rescue Tool

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 features Rescue tool which you can use to create or view the system restore points. The program will also create the back up for registry files allowing the users to restore the system if there is anything bad occurs. This feature is actually basic feature for system utilities. You might be pleased to know that Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 comes with comprehensive backup solution.

Full Scan Ability

The overall performance of the program is excellent. However, the full scan function is taking a long time to complete. When you are performing maintenance function, the program is able to perform quickly although with defragmenting disks and fixing registry files. The users can have the option to allow the program to fix the problems automatically. By using the program, the users do not need to review on the problem which needs to be solved automatically. The program is designed to save more times while completing the maintenance process for your personal computer.

BitDefender Antivirus

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 comes with virus scanner which is combined with BitDefender antivirus. The technology combination is supported with IObit’s own malware detection engine. It is very useful to give protection on your personal computer. The program is able to work with other antivirus scanners. However, it will disable Windows Defender which is used as default antivirus program in Windows 8. The company keeps developing the performance of their antivirus. If they already find the best result, they will give update to their customers.

Optimized User-Interface

The company has designed the program with user interface. The main window is divided into two parts. The users are able to toggle between antivirus and care. The program offers two modes including simple and expert. You can use the program based on the expertise level. For the expert mode, the program is available with Turbo Boost and Toolbox as the addition. The Toolbox is including the PC tuneup modules including clone file finder, registry cleaner, recovery, and much more.

Internet Boost

It is highly recommended for the users. The feature is working to scan every browser and giving suggestion on optimized values for various parameters. The users do not need to enter every value manually. You will be able to increase the speed of Firefox with one-click.

Review Conclusion

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is working effectively to detect 4680 problems in the system. The program is especially fixing the registry problems effectively. The registry problems are usually caused by frequent program install and un-installation. The program displays the result based on the category.

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 has advantages and disadvantages. However, it still has some disadvantages. The disadvantage is straining the system resources when users are performing scanning process. The full scan takes a lot of time. The first advantage is a large number of optimization. The scheduling process also makes maintenance process easier. Many users are also pleased with Turbo Boost mode which allows them to set the program for working or gaming. The program also offers the ability to perform in bulk. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 comes with the ability to download Windows system updates. It is simple for beginner but complete enough for advanced users.

Advance SystemCare Ultimate 6 for a limited time is selling with discount price 40% off from original price, if you are still not sure about the program you can download the trial before you buy it.


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